Cheng Yi-Ping aka Bettty Apple is a composer, DJ, and sound performance artist. who is at the forefront of a new wave of experimental sound art / Live art in Taipei, drawing upon performance art to and electronic music to create powerful works that have propelled her rapid rise in the island's art scene.

Born in 1986, She is deeply influenced by bedroom electronica and sub-culture. Apple came to sound composition from a background in theatre. She is an accomplished producer of electronic music and DJ but also works with noise and range of aberrant textures.

During the year of 2012, she launched the “Performance of Experimental Electronic Music” and “The art of live sound”, and was active as a pioneer of “Sound Farmers”, an organization, founded on September, devoting to popularizing electronic music, enters on her own senses, creating a system which belongs to individual senses and includes many dimensions of tone. During her live performance, she produces sound with her body, creating an unknown ambiguity with the speaker, thus, she conveys a sonic wave connection of implosion mystery.

2012 saw her support Merzbow at The Wall in Taipei, and do performances alongside Zbigniew Karkowski and EVOL, Scott Afford, Samin Son, Schneider ??, David Phillips, and KK Null.

Apple delivered her performance / sound piece "Love Sound" at the Lab in San Francisco/Berlin as part of a release event for White Fungus. She was also an artist in residence at Lacking Sound Festival in Taipei In 2013, in addition to her own performances, she curated a series of events exploring notions of sound in relation to femininity.




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