Hug´s innovative musical-visual solo performances in distinctive locations and her interdisciplinary work have created an international furore. This musician of the extreme is constantly breaking new ground with her instrument and has reinvented the viola. Hug´s speciality is a blend of viola and vocals, which has given rise to her hybrid voice and a distinctive tonal language. Hug has recorded an extensive discography including three solo CDs, on international labels.

Hug lives in Zurich and on the road. Having completed her studies in fine arts and music, she received various awards and composition commissions. She has been “artist in residence” in London, Paris, Berlin, Cork capital of culture, Johannesburg and was “artiste étoile” at the Lucerne Festival 2011.

In the visual arena, as well as in a musical context, Hug´s sound-drawings: “Son-Icons” have found international recognition. In addition to international exhibitions, she is also fully active as a concert performer, soloist, composer and conductor of her own works and an improviser at major festivals in Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and Canada. In spring 2017 Hug is artist in residence from Pro Helvetia in Shanghai and Hangzhou. 


Photo: Michael Sieber 







“Sonic landscapes…beyond imagination.” FREDERICK MARONGIS - MUSIC EXTREME BUENOS AIRES


“The range of sound and emotion at Hug’s disposal is operatic - this one represents Hug as a highly accomplished one-woman ensemble.” BILL MEYER - DUSTEDMAGAZIE- CHICAGO


“Charlotte Hug, a viola-player who applied much the same vigorously energy to the fiddle that Ornette Coleman once did” Q MAGAZINE


“With her viola and her beautiful siren’s voice, Hug unfolds riches of invention, sensuality, and wordless storytelling skills. “Anderwelten” vividly evokes marine soundscapes to the point where I started doubting that it was indeed performed without any electronics (yet it’s true). This is a mature work by an accomplished artist with astounding free improvising skills.”  FRACOIS COUTURE - MR. DELIRE  - ALL MUSIC GUIDE




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