Steven Tran joined the Elephants in 2015. Tran is preparing for his first major performance with the Elephants in 2016, and has enjoyed developing his sonic abilities through a range of workshop projects with some of Australia’s leading musicians and sonic artists including: Nat Grant, Richard Allen, Andrea Keeble, Phoebe Green, Carmen Chan, Steve Richards and Miranda Hill. Tran expresses a love of sonic creativity through vocalisations and also through electronic music exploration. Tran often demonstrates his response to works in development through physical movement and dance.














Sutherland is a founding member of the Elephants and has performed many shows with the group since 2007. Career highlights for Sutherland have included touring the UK and Japan in 2014, and performing on the Punchathon Machine in a range of shows. Punchathon emphasises Sutherland’s love of physical performance and rock’n’roll theatricality. In Tokyo 2014 the Elephants and Sutherland performed on a bill with Merzbow and other leading Japanese sound artists. 2015 saw Sutherland tour to Bendigo for the show SELECT NATURALIS (BIFEM) and perform at Federation Square’s The Light in Winter Festival.
















Joining The Amplified Elephants in 2012, Munnery has quickly developed an oeuvre as an electronic laptop-based sound artist. Taught by sound artist Steve Richards (aka Cleaning Lady), Munnery has formed significant connections internationally through his work. Munnery toured Tokyo 2012/14/15, Hong Kong 2015, Macau 2015 and the UK in 2014. When in Tokyo for JOLT’s 2015 touring festival, Munnery collaborated with other Elephants and Tokyo-based sound artists Cal Lyall and Pardon Kimura in creating a series of recordings for upcoming release.













A founding member of The Amplified Elephants, it was McGrath who originally thought of the name for the group. McGrath is very focused on keyboard-based synthesizer performance. In 2015, McGrath toured with the Elephants to perform SELECT NATURALIS in the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, and performed in La La Lullaby with the Elephants at The Light in Winter Festival at Federation Square. McGrath has performed in two Melbourne Festivals, and has collaborated with several leading artists performing in many venues around Melbourne.













Kruljac is The Amplified Elephants’ resident graphic designer. Kruljac has created artwork for a number of CD releases for The Amplified Elephants, as well as contributing to the design of Elephants’ compositions. Kruljac’s interests lie in creation of sound, rather than performance of sound.














The prodigal artist; having been a founding member Hunter returned to The Amplified Elephants in 2015 after an extended break. Hunter is primarily a keyboard synthesizer artist, though her recent return to the ensemble has seen her exploring other instrumentalities. In 2015, Hunter performed in La La Lullaby at Federation Square for The Light in Winter Festival. A highlight for Hunter in 2015 was working on the many collaborative recordings and project developments with a range of invited artists. Nat Grant’s work particularly resonated with Hunter who, through Nat, found that working with iPad technology particularly suited her sonic language.














A founding member of The Amplified Elephants, Hofbauer has performed in all of the Elephants’ Melbourne-based shows since the Elephants first performed for the JOLT 2007 Concert Series at fortyfivedownstairs. Hofbauer is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, who explores irregular rhythmic patterns in her work. In 2015, Hofbauer performed in La La Lullaby with the Elephants at The Light in Winter Festival at Federation Square. A highlight of 2015 was recording and developing new work with Australian artists who undertook residencies with the Elephants: Nat Grant, Richie Allen, Andrea Keeble, Phoebe Green, Carmen Chan, Steve Richards and Miranda Hill.









Along with Robyn McGrath and Liz Hofbauer, Euesden is a founding member of The Amplified Elephants. Euesden’s practice is focused on minimalist sonic patterns, usually realising these ideas through synthesizers. Having performed in nearly all The Amplified Elephant projects since 2007, a career highlight for Euesden was the show THE NIS (2009, 2013), which involved performing on robotic music instruments and in collaboration with the BOLT Ensemble (a chamber orchestra). In that show, Euesden performed solo synthesizer sequences against an orchestral backdrop.














Sarah Ellis joined the Elephants in 2015. Ellis experienced her first development and professional performance through La La Lullaby for The Light in Winter Festival at Federation Square. Ellis has embraced a steep learning curve in 2015 through collaborations with a range of industry practitioners who recorded new works with The Amplified Elephants: Nat Grant, Richard Allen, Andrea Keeble, Phoebe Green, Carmen Chan, Steve Richards and Miranda Hill. Through this process, Ellis has found a voice through electronic and acoustic percussion. Ellis has enjoyed taking on the role of narrator in a recent project development.













Having joined The Amplified Elephants in 2013, Connor has rapidly developed her sonic talents locally and abroad. Connor’s work is informed by fantasy and science fiction aesthetics and ideas, which Connor realises through multi-instrumental and vocal means that emphasize found sound percussion and electronic synthesis. In 2015, Connor toured to Tokyo, Hong Kong and Macau with the show SELF SEEKERS, a project that highlighted her interest in the tactile nature of sonic performance. In Japan, Connor recorded with local artists Cal Lyall and Pardon Kimura, following on the back of performances in Bendigo (SELECT NATURALIS) and Melbourne (La La Lullaby).












Danny would be best known to the general public through his acting work on the ABC comedy series SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH. Danny has applied his infectious screen presence to his sonic arts practice which is typified by playfulness, but also by his dynamic use of the body. He has particularly focused on found sound performance in recent times but also pursues dj-ing and electronic sound making. Danny has recently joined the AMPLIFIED ELEPHANTS and is performing in THE NIS with them.
Esther has recently joined the AMPLIFIED ELEPHANTS and has made quite an impact in a short period of time. Esther has a vibrant and physical performance style and real love of exploring unusual sounds as well as celebrating the joys of more conventional sounds also. Recently she has been working with percussion, found objects and the violin. Esther has performed with the AMPLIFIED ELEPHANTS in WIGGA CONCERT 2 and THE NIS.

Catherine has worked with the Amplified Elephants since the group began at the Footsrcay Community Arts Centre in 2006. Catherine has expanded her abilities from working in a minimalist aesthetic on keyboards to working more intensively with percussion and violin. One day Catherine's cheekiness will get her into trouble but for now the Amplified Elephants are particularly fond of her spontaneous air guitar sessions and her unashamed love of Shannon Noll. Catherine recently performed in JOLT's WIGGA CONCERT 2.


Stephen recently joined the Footscray Community Arts Centre's Amplified Elephants ensemble. He established himself within the ensemble as a conductor and as a synthesizer artist whose delicate touch is the envy of many a keyboard player. When not making sound, Stephen likes to explore new words in foreign languages. Stephen performed with the Amplified Elephants in concert 2 of JOLT's WIGGA project.


Enza's practice is marked by her ambition to be 'in the moment' when performing. Enza doesn't spend time planning her sonic adventures, but rather is keen  to see where her improvisations might take her and her audience. Enza is a founding member of the Amplified Elephants and has performed in all the JOLT shows that have included the Amplified Elephants: CRANKY ROBOTICS, INTERACTACON, SHIMMERSONG, THE NIS.



The key feature of Robyn's sound arts practice is her desire to learn more about sound, to ask why things are the ways they are and to seek to improve the way her creative self interfaces with other sound makers and audiences. As a founding member of the Amplified Elephants, Robyn has performed in all the JOLT events that have included that ensemble: CRANKY ROBOTICS, INTERACTACON, SHIMMERSONG, THE NIS.


Some of June's fondest memories are of playing music with her family in her younger days. Her love of community in music making perhaps explains why her most cherished aspect of the creative process is to play with others in ensembles. June is particularly fond of simple rhythms and likes to explore the infinite timbres of sound.



Jay is a founding member of the Amplified Elephants. He works with synthesizers and found objects as key aspects of his creative process. Jay is a great fan of the Carlton Football Club and has a rather uncanny ability to name the capital cities of the world.



Liz recently turned fabulous 50. She has spent six years with the Artlife Program at the Footscray Community Arts Centre. Liz is a founding member of the  Amplified Elephants (founded in 2006) with whom she has been able to explore the wonderful delights of sound and creativity. Liz loves to sing, loves parties  and fun times and is an avid supporter of the Carlton Football Club. Liz has performed in  several shows co-presented by FCAC and JOLT, including: CRANKY ROBOTICS, INTERACTACON, SHIMMERSONG, WIGGA CONCERT 2, THE NIS.


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