This is a sonic art festival. We will be programming sonic artists, and work that prioritizes creative diversity through sound. We seek a mixture of artists at various stages of their careers — established and emerging— and including artists with disabilities.

We aim to:

  1. provide as much access as possible for a diversity of artists and audiences;
  2. avoid placing thematic conditions on artists. Bring us your best stuff.

While the festival is open and diverse, we are still seeking the highest quality of sonic art. Those people applying to our festival who are not ready to be programmed in our festival will have the option of taking up JOLT workshops to refine their sonic practice.

The bulk of acts will be presented in 30 min slots with 3 slots comprising one festival show. Multiple festival shows will run from 20-22 September at the Footscray Community Arts Centre.


The festival will be curated by:

  1. The Amplified Elephants, sound artists with intellectual disabilities
  2. The BOLT Ensemble, a chamber orchestra
  3. Strange James (director at JOLT)
  4. A mentored curator will be chosen by the other curators through the Open Call process.


All artists and a guest curator will be paid for their work in this festival.

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