Bianca Gannon

Composer / Musician

Bianca Gannon

composer / musician

"The word ‘explorer’ might be a bit overused to describe artists who defy genres and push boundaries, but I can think of no better word to describe Bianca Gannon and her music, breaking the barriers between traditional gamelan, contemporary composition, improvisation and more." -

"A highlight [of Tilde New Music Festival] was Bianca Gannon’s solo gamelan with loop pedal performance, which brought a meditative tone to the balmy evening." - Matthew Lorenzon, Partial Durations

“When it comes to experimentation, it’s Bianca’s composing that really stands out. Bianca’s composition doesn’t just tap into Indonesian musical traditions in order to experiment; it transports tradition into a modern context, allowing the audience to hear and learn of the past whilst experiencing thoughtful new music. I personally look forward to The Sound of Shadows’ main course and dessert.” - Lewis Ingham, CutCommon Magazine on ‘The Sound of Shadows: Entrée’

Based in Melbourne, Bianca Gannon is a musician–composer and curator from Ireland. A keen multi-disciplinary collaborator, Bianca creates immersive multi-sensory experiences and synaesthesias. 'Light' in various forms is a predominant theme in her work. In the act of breaking down barriers, in presenting art that is complex yet accessible, Bianca is motivated by that which connects us. On piano, gamelan and loop pedal, Bianca brings together her training in classical composition, improvised music and Indonesian gamelan to create a chiaroscuro of otherworldly resonances and trance-like dissonances.

Bianca's work has been presented in Melbourne's Meat Market, Sydney's Mosman Art Gallery, Hobart's MONA, Dublin's Royal Irish Academy of Music, the Cardiff School of Music, as well as across Berlin and Las Vegas. She has collaborated with visual artist/shadow puppeteer Jumaadi, dancer Ade Suharto, lighting designer Bronwyn Pringle, poet Gabriel Rosenstock, the Australian Art Orchestra, has been commissioned by Nimbus Trio and to write for Elliott Hughes’ Augmented Trumpet, and regularly performs in Melbourne with her trio Impermanence.

Bianca is the recipient of scholarships, funding and awards, such as the Creative Victoria Music Works & VicArts grants, DevRes (Lebowski's Development Residency), City of Melbourne ArtPlay grant, City of Yarra Small Project grant, The Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship, The Australian Art Orchestra's Creative Music Intensive Scholarship, the RSCM Cage Postlude Composition Competition Finalist and New Music Network:LAB mentorship and funding initiative.