Chelsea Michelle

Sound Artist

Chelsea Michelle

iPads / synthesisers / electronics

Since joining The Amplified Elephants in 2013, Chelsea has been developing a sonic practice that explores the body and physicality in sonic performance. The culmination of this work saw Chelsea include live video feeds of movement for the show SELF SEEKERS, which toured Tokyo, Hong Kong and Macau in 2015, then remounted in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Chelsea uses electronic gadgets such as iPads and synth modules in her performances. 

A career highlight for Chelsea was working with Richie Allen and Pippa Willison on LA LA LULLABY for the Light in Winter Festival at Federation Square. This project involved working with a theme-park-like sonic ride in the form of a giant egg that an audience member could sit in and be swung around in. As the egg moved through space it would transform sound created by The Amplified Elephants. Well over 1000 people experienced the Federation Square performance of this work. Chelsea has toured with The Amplified Elephants to London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Tokyo.