Sound Artist / Musician


sound artist / guitar

Born in 1982 in Hong Kong, Cissi Tsang is a trans-disciplinary artist living in Perth, Australia. Their work explores the emotional nature of landscape, and the main focus of their practice has been on their response to the natural landscape as a composer and performer, incorporating audio and visual elements of place into compositions, and using the landscape as a narrative device.

Cissi has performed and exhibited their works in Australia, Asia, UK and the USA under the names timeofhex and samarobryn, and their photography has been short-listed in various international and national awards. They are a PhD candidate at the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts (Edith Cowan University) and hold a MCDArtDes from the University of New South Wales.

Outside of their solo work, Cissi also performs and collaborates with a range of bands and individuals, including Broken Gnomes, Marley Wynn, Furchick and Gravy Murphy.