Kathryn Sutherland

Sound Artist

Kathryn Sutherland

voice / kaossillator / synthesisers / electronics / percussion

A founding member of The Amplified Elephants (founded 2006), Kathryn explores the physicality of making creative sound. Kathryn is also a founding member of Sonic Adventurers Collective where she explores the intersections between sound, moving image and digital 2D works.

Recently Kathryn and The Amplified Elephants released the album DEEP CREATURES (2021 Heavy Machinery Records) which will be premiered as a live show as society comes out of COVID-19. Along with the Elephants Kathryn will also premiere the work HAGOROMO with Japanese Noh singer Ryoko Aoki after presenting an early 15 minute version of the project online with Slow Label from Tokyo (2021-2022).

Career highlights for Sutherland have included touring UK performing THE NIS (2014) and performing on the Punchathon Machine in a range of shows. Punchathon emphasises Sutherland’s love of physical performance and rock ’n’ roll theatricality. 2015 saw Sutherland tour to Bendigo for the show SELECT NATURALIS (BIFEM) and perform at Federation Square’s Lights in Winter Festival. In 2019, Kathryn performed in SELF SEEKERS (Footscray Community Arts Centre).

Kathryn is mentored by percussionist Peter Neville and James Hullick.