Sonic Adventurers Collective

A collective of sound artists

Sonic Adventurers Collective

a collective of sound artists

The Sonic Adventurers is a collective of artists that work in a variety of art forms with a focus on sound art. The Sonic Adventurers are Kathryn Sutherland, Helen Kruljac, Louise Hunter, Jay Euesden, Daniel Munnery, Robyn McGrath, Stuart Flenley and Michael Chan.

The group started in early 2019 so that the artists could work together to support their individual practices. The Sonic Adventures is made up of experienced performers who have shown in significant venues both locally and internationally. Sonic Adventurers is mentored by composer James Hullick and supported by visual artist and curator Alister Karl.

The artists work individually in the collective and explore electronic music, sound sculpture, field recordings, acoustic instruments, drawing, sculpture, video and other ways of creating sonic worlds.

The artists have an authentic and individual voice and generosity within their performance that is rarely seen as they invite you into their sonic worlds. The artists who make up the group live with a disability.