Disruptive Critters

Disruptive Critters

Presented by RMIT University



As a part of: FUTURE-U – a larger exhibition curated by Jonathan Duckworth and Evelyn Tsitas 

Disruptive Critters is a free play exhibition featuring the Duckworth Hullick Duo’s (DHD) bespoke Disruptive Critters tabletop audiovisual interface in surround sound. The exhibition is an installation allowing the public to freely play and interact with the Disruptive Critters console to create their own immersive audiovisual experiences. Disruptive Critters explores digital disruption through the theatrical and performativity of autonomous computer-generated agents, interactive media and digital design. Using a multi-touch tabletop console, audiences, or players, activate real-time computer-generated virtual avatars (or critters), which roam the virtual performance space. The critters, each with their own ‘vocal’ sound world and gestural repertoire, become autonomous co-performers in the work, interacting with players and with each other in seemingly unpredictable ways. Players will be immersed in a responsive, interactive world where virtual beings teem and flock, collide and collude in various forms of playful mischief.


DESIGN: Jonathan Duckworth; James Hullick

PROGRAMMING: Ross Eldridge; Casey Rice

Dates postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19.

photo – Tim McNeilage, WoW Studios

Duckworth Hullick Duo