Disruptive Critters

Disruptive Critters

Presented by RMIT University


Disruptive Critters (DC) is a concert and free play exhibition. The concert is a 40-minute performance by James Hullick and Jonathan Duckworth playing the DHD’s bespoke DC tabletop audio-visual interface in surround sound. 

Versions of the work have been presented in Australia at Tura New Music (WA); RMIT Gallery (Future:U, Victoria) and The Meat Market (JOLT Arts, Victoria). 

Disruptive Critters explores digital disruption through the theatrical and performativity of autonomous computer generated agents, interactive media and digital design. Using a multi-touch tabletop console, audiences, or players, activate real-time computer generated virtual avatars (or critters), which roam the virtual performance space. The critters, each with their own sound world and gestural repertoire, become autonomous co-performers in the work, interacting with players and with each other in seemingly unpredictable ways. Players will be immersed in a responsive, interactive world where virtual beings teem and flock, collide and collude in various forms of playful mischief.


James Hullick & Jonathan Duckworth: Artistic Direction & Live Performance 

Jonathan Duckworth: Interactivity Design 

Hullick: Sound Design 

Ross Eldridge: Computer Programming

Casey Rice: Computer Programming

Hullick: Voice 

Justine Anderson: Voice 

Astrid Bolcskey-Hullick: Voice & Live Performance

photo – Tim McNeilage, WoW Studios

Duckworth Hullick Duo