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A red line can mean many things. It can be a pathway on a map: a barrier; a blood vessel; an indication of connection; a mark of danger; or a functional demarcation. It can be drawn; it could be stitched. It could be a laser beam. It could be an indicator of something to be corrected – or something crossed out.

The Red Line is representative of the journey that the Sonic Adventurers Collective has been on over the last 3 years. The title of the show comes from a video work that the group developed during their first year of working together. The video work (like the group’s journey) travels over rough terrain, climbs mountains, plunges into deep valleys, meanders around in circles at times, reaches the goal and has a moment of self-doubt before it finally settles on the end.   

The Sonic Adventurers includes eight emerging artists with neurological diversities and two mentoring established artists. While the focus of the group began as explorers of sound in the gallery space, this sense of adventure opened the artists up to a wide range of artforms, such that now artists create works across a range of visual, physical and sonic media  

Each of the artists in the collective has their own individual practice. The collective delivers work that is by the individuals, combinations of individuals in the group, or by the whole group combined including the mentoring artists.

Art Videos in the Exhibition

Exhibition History

26 February - 2 April 2022: Wangaratta Art Gallery

8 July - 17 September 2022: JOLTED Gallery

Sonic Adventurers Collective

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