This program assists you with computer skills. We will help you at any stage of computer knowledge. If you are a beginner – even better. We can teach you what you want to know: how to use music or graphic design programs; basic computer use; how to use social media; how to send emails; how to use calendars and deal with artist administration; how to use programs that help you write text or use programs that help you play back text as audio if you don't read.

You must own a laptop computer to do this workshop. We are empowering you on your computer, so that you can use it happily when you are at home.

No previous knowledge of computers or electronic music is required.

Workshops can be undertaken on Zoom if you are unable to attend in person.

During COVID-19 Restrictions: Tuesdays on Zoom: 10–12pm and 1–3pm. During terms. Not on public holidays. A Zoom link is provided.
During Normal Operation: Tuesdays: 9:30–12pm OR 1–3:30pm. During terms. Not on public holidays. Kindred Studios, Yarraville OR JOLT HQ.
2020 Dates: Term 3: 23 Jul – 17 Sep /// Term 4: 8 Oct – 10 Dec
Mentoring Artists: Hamish Upton /// Support Workers: As required.