Leading performers and sound makers are invited to Hullick Studios to demonstrate how they make their work; how they practice their artform; how they promote their work; and then to hear/see your work and give you feedback. Receiving focused feedback and guidance from industry masters is incredibly important for your development as an artist.

This program runs for five days straight in school holidays. Generally, there is one master per day, with demonstrations and discussion from that master in the morning, and then participant performances and feedback in the afternoon. Participants are advised to prepare some kind of performance or artwork to present to the master, so the master can provide better quality feedback.

This program is for adults: 18 years or older. Workshops can be undertaken on Zoom if you are unable to attend in person.

During COVID-19 Restrictions: On Zoom. A Zoom link is provided.
During Normal Operation: At Kindred Studios, Yarraville or JOLT HQ.
2020 Dates: 28 Sep – 2 Oct